As a film and television content creator, BUMP is proud to be the first to introduce BRANDED CREDITS™, as an addition, an alternative, or an option to product placement. We believe Branded Credits will soon be adopted and applied especially by streaming services and film and TV production companies as the most effective way to promote a brand in movies and television shows.


Since 2003 we have created and pitched original television formats, such as NBC's 2010 primetime gameshow MINUTE TO WIN IT, adapted in seventy territories, world´s most sold game show in 2011 and 2012, and LUXURY TRAP, LYXFÄLLAN, Scandinavian classic with more than twenty-five seasons.

We are visionary, innovative, and groundbreaking. Creating new shows for the global market is our greatest passion and we love and have fun doing it.

NEW AD & BRAND INTEGRATION FORMAT - With growing competition, film producers and streaming services are looking for ways to incorporate ads in movies to finance production and to create new revenue stream, without subjecting viewers to ad-breaks. With our new movie ad & brand integration format, you can run ads in a movie without ad-break, no need for ad-supported / ad-free options for subscribers, transparent advertising, longtime ad effect and brand exposure, high monetary value. .

We partner and work together with highly skilled and talented people in the industry for development and distribution of our shows; so don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us.