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Formats 2003

MINUTE TO WIN IT ™ TV game show by Banner Universal Motion Pictures LLC, BUMP Productions

Minute To win It was created in 2003 by Banner Universal Motion Pictures LLC, BUMP Productions, with the original title Minute Winner - You Got One Minute To Win it . Presented for further development in November 2005 to Swedish format company Friday TV of Metronome Group (Shine Nordics AB), and to ITV UK. Developed and licensed to NBC in the US by Friday TV in 2009.  Produced in Sweden as "Minuten" by Meter Film and Television of Metronome Group (Shine Nordics AB). First broadcast on NBC in March 2010, and on ITV2 UK in August 2011. Currently licensed to 79 territories.

Title Protection
Bump Productions owns the title MINUTE WINNER - "You got one MINUTE TO WIN IT" since 2003 and has, in accordance with the Copyright act, title protection.

Minute Winner Title in French: UNE MINUTE POUR GAGNER ™
Minute To Win It Title in French Canada: UNE MINUTE POUR GAGNER

Bump Productions has made use of MINUTE WINNER - "You got one MINUTE TO WIN IT" trademark since 2003 in its marketing of the format Minute Winner, and thereby has established base rights to the trademark.


Challenges are stunningly simple in terms of concept in MINUTE WINNER - MINUTE TO WIN IT

  • Find the right key to open a brand new car in one minute ...  (Minute Winner)
  • Put on a brand new suit in one minute ...  (Minute Winner)
  • Open a brand new bicycle in one minute.  (Minute Winner)
  • Transfer a cookie from your forehead to your mouth in one minute ...  (Minute To Win It)
  • Blow a bubble in the air across the stage in one minute ... (Minute To Win It)
  • Guide a thread through the eyelets of ten needles... in one minute ... (Minute To Win It)
  • You literally have a minute to win it ! (Minute Winner - Minute To Win It)

Minute Winner - Minute To Win It can take place in a studio environment or on Location:

  • At Home

joelle - A fond la gomme

  • On the street ....
  • Fish shop
    - Get 5 ping-pong balls into a fish bowl by bouncing them off 3 plates, lined up in front of the fish bowl inone minute.
    - Get a pretzel out of a fishbowl using a sticky gummy worm attached to the end of a fishing line in one minute.
  • Dentist
    - Slide a toothbrush down a strip of dental floss and land it into a toothbrush holder in one minute
  • Candy shop
    - Stack 8 large metal nuts using only a candy cane on a tray held in the other hand in one minute.
    - Balance 3 candy canes on a string in one minute.
    - Pick up 1 of 18 plastic cups on a center table and place the small candy from under that cup into 1 of 3 in one minute
  • Shoe shop
    - Toss a shoe onto a table using only a foot in one minute
  • Wood shop
    - Stack 5 wooden baby blocks on top of plastic plate balanced on top of the head in one minute.
    - Spin a wooden propeller into a distant basket in one minute
And son on ...

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