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LUXURY TRAP™ Lyxfällan, Luksusfælden, Luksusfellen, is one of BUMP's first formats since 2005, an Award winning Factual Financial Makeover TV Show with more than 20 Seasons in Scandinavia (TV3 MTG, Modern Times Group UK LTD, VIASAT Broadcasting UK LTD, Metronome, Endemol Shine).

The original Luxury Trap format was created by format creator Derek Banner based on an original concept and Danish draft by Anita L. Banner. The original Danish draft was presented in February 2006 to Karoline Spodsberg, Head of programming at TV3 Denmark (Modern Times Group MTG UK Limited, VIASAT Broadcasting UK LTD), the English and Danish drafts were submitted to Jan Lagermand Lundme, Head of programming at Metronome (Endemol Shine Group). In April 2006 TV3 MTG (VIASAT Broadcasting UK Limited), Swedish Friday TV, Meter Film, and Metronome (Endemol Shine) entered a development and production agreement on the format. Format adaptation work started in April 2006, pre-production in May 2006, production and filming in August 2006. The program was aired the first time on TV3 Sweden in November 2006 with translated Swedish title LYXFALLAN, produced by Meter Film and Television AB.    

Between 2005 - 2007 BUMP presented a number of format proposals for further development to Endemol Shine (Metronome Group), Friday TV AB in Sweden and Metronome Production A/S in Denmark. The list of submitted format proposals included Minute Winner - Minute To Win It, Luxury Trap, Celebrity Birthday, Duet, Conflict Mediation, Best Party, Language School, Read Your Fortune, Singing Moms, Singin Brothers, etc. In 2006 Swedish Friday TV and BUMP signed a development, sales, and distribution agreement on the Celebrity Birthday format. In September 2011 Friday TV and Endemol Shine (Metronome) drafted contracts (and basis contracts) with BUMP on Minute Winner - Minute To Win It, which Friday TV sold to NBC in the US in 2009, NBC aired Minute To Win It the first time in March 2010, the gameshow was later adapted in seventy territories, including UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, etc. 



"There was a time when people used to save up in order to afford something new, - not so any more. Today we want to have it all in half the time. People borrow money like never before, and the debt on credit cardsconsumer loan, overdrafts etc, skyrocketing. Even young people have the most expensive furnituredesigner clothescarsluxurious and latest fancy technology. It may take a long time to settle climbing debt. But in the TV program "LUXURY TRAP" selected candidates have the opportunity to get over their luxury debt in just one night, and they even get a few tips along the way so they do not wind up in a similar situation

Luxury Trap is intended primarily for an audience between 18 and 40 years of age who are still in their "start up" phase in life and thus are tempted to borrow money for larger or small consumption. 

Key elements from Luxury Trap original draft 2005: "Debt due to overspending", "Participant tells the host and viewers how much money he / she owes and why", "Chit promissory note - power of attorney", "Blackboard with amounts and categories", "Material Things", "Earned money is used to repay the debt", "Economic advisers", "Promissory note torn to pieces" ...   






The participant must tell the host and viewers how much money he or she owes and why


The participant tells the host and viewers how much money he or she owes and why



The amount is written on a promissory note or debt certificate


Power of Attorney (”Fuldmagt”)



The participant is presented with a blackboard with numbered lids. An amount of money is kept behind each lid (for example from 500 – 5000),
The categories are Over Consumption, Loan, Savings, Debt, etc.



The participant is presented with a blackboard with lids.





Material things of a big or lesser value are used in the program (for example a toaster, vacuum cleaner, DVD, bicycle or even a car),
Each amount of money that is won must be used to pay back the participant's debt.



Material things of a big or lesser value are used in the program (for example a toaster, vacuum cleaner, DVD, bicycle or even a car). Each amount of money that is won must be used to pay back the participant's debt.


Popular money men and women, businesmen give good advice and tips on how to save up, how to get more out of one's retirement savings, how to get the best interest rates from the bank, what one should do if one has to borrow money.




The ”debt certificate” or promissory note is torn to pieces at the end of the program.




Underlined in red are all the key details which have been exploited during the adaptation work by Metronome / Shine Group (Friday TV, Meter Film, Rubicon TV, Metronome Productions A/S) and TV3 / MTG UK LTD (VIASAT Broadcasting UK LTD).




LUXURY TRAP - LIVE IN LUXURY AND BECOME DEBT FREE IN ONE EVENING - DEBT FOR LUXURY, TRAPPED IN LUXURY - LUXURY DEBT - A RICHER LIFE - FINANCIAL MAKEOVER - is an original television format protected under the International Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Rights. You Shall Not copy, exploit, distribute, develop, further develop, make a derivative version, produce a portion or the entirety of the material without prior agreement with its owner. Any Infringement of these Rights will be subject to a legal action. Original Concept by Anita Lauridsen Banner.  Copyright Anita L. Banner, Derek Banner, BUMP Productions BANNER UNIVERSAL MOTION PICTURES LLC, LTD


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