Brand owners are in business to market their product, so in order to say yes to a product placement inquiry, the film producer must answer a list of questions, such as genre, what the story is about, who is the director, target audience, etc, and above all, cast and distribution.
- Guaranteed Distribution may increase the producer's chance to getting a yes to a brand partnership.
- A-list cast can mean more product placement money.
Brand owners then might want to know how a section of the script could be edited in order to best suit or sell their product, meaning they would want to have a certain influence in the film script, etc. So the producer must be prepared to make compromises in order to get product placement money for their film.

But there is another simple and effective way to market a brand in a movie without having to alter the script. A direct highly effective brand marketing format that can be applied by any producer inside the editing room.

If you are a brand owner thinking of marketing your brand in a movie, or a film producer looking to attract funds for a film project, and you are interested in learning about our brand integration format, please GET IN TOUCH and let's have a chat.

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