Simon Bennett and Fox Williams, the lawyer and law firm BUMP retained to represent its interests, breached the retainer agreement by failing to follow instructions and suppressed contracts evidence and helped Endemol Shine. The case is currently with Fox Williams’ insurer. A civil fraud case is pending against Endemol Shine and its lawyers at Wiggin
Ever since our successful formats on NBC - NBCUniversal, ITV, and TV3 channels in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, BUMP has been battling Endemol Shine Group for royalties. Invoices and license agreement to resolve the issue are ignored.
This shows how some established entities tend to marginalise independent creators by seeking to have control of small parties’ work without pay or license rights, believing they have leeway to use dishonesty, deceit, threats and intimidation to take advantage of small parties with lesser means to seek justice for their claims. 
But in the midst of the legal fights, BUMP has created a strong IP asset portfolio of original global TV formats, film projects, music, disruptive digital concepts, etc.

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