Below is recent email correspondence between solicitor Jonathan Wyles at law firm RPC, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, and Derek Banner, who is Director of Banner Universal Motion Pictures Limited / BUMP. The correspondence is with regard to the professional indemnity claim BUMP is pursuing against law firm Fox Williams LLP for professional negligence and for suppression and omission of BUMP's documents in a claim BUMP pursued in London High Court against defendants Endemol Shine, Friday TV, and NBCUniversal for illicit exploitation of BUMP's created gameshow format "Minute To Win It". Fox Williams and solicitor Simon Bennett who represented BUMP in the claim acknowledged receipt in a letter to BUMP and Derek Banner of "a number of documents" BUMP submitted to them for the claim. Fox Williams then informed in an email that they used all of the documents submitted to them and successfully obtained funding from the litigation funding firm Augusta Ventures to secure their own cashflow and to cover their own costs during litigation. However when they filed the claim to the court Fox Williams disclosed only one document out of all the number of documents they acknowledged they received for the case. Fox Williams thus relied upon only one single four page document to plead BUMP's entire case against Endemol Shine, which is today called Banijay, Friday TV, and NBCUniversal. And Fox Williams ignored repeated instructions by Derek Banner and BUMP to include and to disclose all of the documents to the court to successfully plead their claim. Instead, Fox Williams directly invited in a letter the defendants' solicitors at law firm Wiggin LLP to file an application to the court to strike out BUMP's claim. Fox Williams thus urged the defending parties' solicitors to strike out Fox Williams' own client's claim. And in another letter Fox Williams signalled and informed Wiggin LLP's solicitors that "not all of BUMP's documents are disclosed to the court and therefore the judge is unable to rule against Wiggin LLP's clients for their infringement of BUMP's copyright". Fox Williams thus directly and openly admitted to their omissions of their own client's documents in a letter to Wiggin LLP. In addition, Fox Williams declined to confront Wiggin LLP with regard to the evidence of URLS or Internet Links which Derek Banner and BUMP discovered directly from Wiggin LLP's clients' server called Mutter Media. The discovered links showed that Wiggin LLP's client Friday TV and their Legal counsel created agreements with BUMP immediately after Derek Banner and BUMP caught them exploiting the gameshow "Minute To Win It" and sent them an email inquiry about their infringement. The Links and the created agreement documents meant that there should be no dispute because Friday TV and their Legal Counsel were resolving the matter out of court. But Friday TV's Swedish lawyers Caroline Heidenstam and Lena Frånstedt Lofalk who is "Chief Auditor to H.M. the King of Sweden and Partner at law firm Foretagsjuridik Nordh Och Co, which is today called Kanter Advokatbyrå, withheld the created agreements and started an abusive copyright dispute to force Derek Banner and BUMP to file their claim to the Swedish court where they were able to use their influence and personal connections within the Swedish court system to get BUMP's claim against Friday TV dismissed. They sent a letter in which they issued a threat to Derek Banner, "All your activities will be closely monitored" and kept Derek Banner under surveillance. The two Swedish lawyers wilfully abused of their professional influence and their clients' dominant position. Solicitor Simon Bennett and Fox Williams also declined to confront the defendants and their solicitors at Wiggin LLP with evidence that Friday TV paid royalties to a Swedish choir leader, Caroline af Ugglas, on the basis of an oral idea of the TV show "Clash of the choirs" (Körslaget), and the Swedish lawyers never advised Friday TV to dispute copyright and argue that "there is no copyright protection in an oral idea" to force the Swedish choir leader to file a claim in court so they could get the claim dismissed and avoid to pay millions in royalties for the oral idea. Fox Williams thus declined to confront the defendants and their solicitors at Wiggin LLP with regard to such act of discrimination against BUMP and its founder Derek Banner. After BUMP and Derek Banner filed their complaint to Fox Williams' COO Jeremy Gubbay and Partner Tom Custance with threat of legal action, Fox Williams submitted the claim against them to their professional indemnity insurance provider Aviva Insurance UK Limited. Aviva instructed law firm RPC Reynolds Porter Chamberlain and solicitor Jonathan Wyles to verify the claim on the basis of submitted facts and evidence. After verifying the claim and evidence Jonathan Wyles and RPC have alleged that BUMP's claim against the defendants was dismissed "as a matter of law". BUMP and Derek Banner then submitted to them evidence from the court ruling with the judge's conclusions in which the judge categorically rejected that argument and stated: "The contention that I erred in law does not have any prospect of success". Solicitor Jonathan Wyles And RPC thus are fully aware that their argument is not a valid argument and does not justify Fox Williams' omissions of BUMP's documents or the invitation to Wiggin LLP solicitors to strike out BUMP's claim. And even assuming that the ruling was "as a matter of law", there is no court ruling with regard to all of the documents Fox Williams failed to disclose to the court, and the ruling that was issued in the case was issued solely based on one documents, the four page document called "Minute Winner" which Fox Williams disclosed and relied on when pleading the entire case. Jonathan Wyles And RPC then falsely alleged that the URLs, Internet Links, that BUMP and Derek Banner discovered from the defendants' server was discovered "illegally", that BUMP and Derek Banner breached the so-called "The Computer Misuse Act of 1990", thus in other words BUMP and Derek Banner broke into Friday TV's server and obtained the URLs evidence to the established agreement files. Which is a farfetched, baseless, and fabricated accusation which they have been unable to support with any evidence whatsoever. In response to the fabricated accusation BUMP and Derek Banner have submitted to Jonathan Wyles and RPC a video evidence that describes how the URLs evidence were discovered after they were recorded on the web statistics platform called Statcounter on BUMP's website and how Friday TV and their Legal Counsel Eva-Lotta Almkvist created the agreement files with BUMP to quickly resolve the matter out of court. Jonathan Wyles and RPC have verified the video evidence and have provided no answer, they have remained silent with regard to the evidence. And even assuming that BUMP and Derek Banner "illegally obtained the Internet Links evidence from the defendants' server, though it was never the case, BUMP and Derek Banner have discovered from Fox Williams' own website a published article with title "The Admissibility of Illegally Obtained Evidence", and Fox Williams declares in that article that "There is no rule of law that evidence obtained illegally (or improperly) must, for the purpose of proving a civil claim, be excluded. The courts have made it clear that they are more concerned with establishing the truth rather than applying a mechanistic rule. If, therefore, a document is relevant, it will usually be admitted in evidence, however it was obtained." Thus Fox Williams and Jonathan Wyles and RPC are fully conscious of the fact that their fabricated argument that BUMP and Derek Banner "illegally obtained the URLs evidence" is not a valid argument in their defence to the indemnity claim against Fox Williams, and that that argument has absolutely no prospect of success in court. Also in a video evidence BUMP and Derek Banner discovered published on Fox Williams' website Fox Williams declares the following that directly supports BUMP's stated indemnity claim, “Judges are heavily guided by disclosure”, “Disclosure is an extremely important part of the litigation process”, “The outcome of a case very often turns on the documents”, “Many cases settle shortly before the disclosure phase or shortly after”, “It is important to be aware of the very serious consequences of non-disclosure”. Fox Williams and RPC and Jonathan Wyles are thus fully aware of the serious and damaging implications of Fox Williams omissions and failure of disclosure of BUMP's documents to the court. Furthermore, BUMP and Derek Banner have also discovered another published article and this time from RPC's own website titled: "Double warning to legal professionals: Do not cut corners with disclosure", and RPC warns that "the court reiterates the importance of the ongoing obligation on legal professionals to give disclosure and comply with their duties to the court". RPC and Jonathan Wyles thus cannot truthfully and in full honesty defend Fox Williams' omissions and failure of disclosure of BUMP's documents to the court when Fox Williams pleaded BUMP's case before the hearing judge. Thus in light of all their failed arguments which are contradicted by direct evidence, RPC and Jonathan Wyles have shown to have no legal basis for advising Fox Williams' insurance provider Aviva Insurance Limited to reject BUMP's clam and not to honour their insurance policy agreement with Fox Williams. 

It is a fact, however, based on solicitor Simon Bennett and Fox Williams’ omissions and failure of disclosure of BUMP's documents, invitation to Wiggin LLP to file an application to strike out Fox Wiliams' own client’s claim, and Jonathan Wyles and RPC's dishonesty, fabricated accusations, intentional disregard of real facts and direct evidence, that there is a wilful intent to take advantage of, to deceive, and to defraud BUMP and Derek Banner of monetary compensation. And Jonathan Wyles' advice to Aviva Insurance Limited to ignore the clear facts and direct evidence submitted with the indemnity claim against Fox Williams is further proof of dishonesty and intent to commit fraud and deceit.