I want to grow roses in your heart

Where love takes birth and dwells

Quench my thirst in your love-well

I want to grow roses with no thorns

In your heart with no bones

Give me a chair in your heart

So I can sit where the sun never gets in

Where the night never sets in

Feel the lub dub sound of your heartbeat 

I want to write beautiful words on the walls of your heart

Your heart walls of empathy

Breathing love with sympathy 

In your heart of kindness 

Full of fondness

Give me a chair

So I can sit and be painted with your lipstick red heart

I want to sit inside 

On your chair of eternity

Pulsating love in infinity

I want to sit in your heart

Till the end

Until we are no more

Give me a chair

So I can sit and grow roses in your heart. 


©2024 Derek Banner