In an email evidence of 22 February 2016 which had as subject “Possible embezzlement case against Friday TV and Metronome?”, BUMP put their former solicitors Fox Williams on notice about Friday TV and Metronome's financial fraud scheme and wrote: “there is sufficient grounds for filing or including an embezzlement claim against Friday TV and Metronome” in light of evidence of concealed contracts between Friday TV and BUMP.

Solicitor Caroline Kean of Wiggin LLP who was acting on behalf of Friday TV improperly stated in her written witness statement of 30 November 2023 to the court in London, “No contract did exist, for those were my instructions”, but she knew her statement was FALSE, because concealed contracts between her client Friday TV and BUMP with regard to the gameshow "Minute To Win It" were created in 2011, and she and her law firm Wiggin LLP were first retained five years after in 2016 to act for Friday TV. She knew her statement, which she made under oath in a verified statement of truth, was PERJURY, FRAUD, an attempt to COVER UP SEROUS FINANCIAL FRAUD for millions of dollars in royalties. She also knew that in 2011 her client Friday TV's solicitors were Swedish law firm Foretagsjuridik Nord Och Co, and the concealed contracts with BUMP were in Swedish language.

Metronome and their companies have a proven history of misappropriation and unlawful use of BUMP's work without license or royalties, including Luxury Trap, Minute To Win It, etc. Their lawyers have used threats, abusive surveillance, intimidation, against BUMP and its Black founder. One invoice for Luxury Trap of the amount of £20m in royalties still has not been paid. 

After contract documents between Friday TV and BUMP were withheld by their lawyers, all Friday TV's founders resigned, including their Legal counsel. 
One of the founders was later advised to issue a false witness statement to the Swedish and English courts to support law firms Foretagjuridik Nord Och Co and Wiggin LLP's strike out applications. He later committed suicide. 

This case is about serious financial fraud and racism, using copyright as false pretext to defraud a Black minority company.

This case is about English law firm Wiggin LLP withholding documents and advising their clients Friday TV and others not to pay millions of pounds in royalties to commit serious financial fraud and racial discrimination against BUMP, a Black minority company. 

This case is about law firm Fox Williams wrongly advising BUMP to pursue a copyright claim against Wiggin LLP’s clients in 2016 and removing from the case without BUMP's consent evidentiary documents which proved Wiggin's clients' financial fraud and discrimination. And Fox Williams is now using "copyright" as false pretext to deny and cover up their fraud and professional negligence. And after they removed documents from BUMP's case without BUMP's consent Fox Williams repeatedly urged Wiggin to file their application to London High court to strike out BUMP's claims, and then they informed Wiggin in a letter of 13 December 2016 that “the court does not yet have all of the factual information available and is unable to rule on important questions”, admitting to their OMISSIONS, FRAUD, PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF DUTY OF CARE, BREACH OF CONTRACT with BUMP.

This case is about Wiggin and Fox Williams’ insurance companies' solicitors RPC / Reynolds Porter Chamberlain and Browne Jacobson obstructing BUMP’s indemnity claim by also using copyright as false pretext for Wiggin and Fox Williams not to compensate a Black minority company for their acts and omissions.

This case is about Deputy Master Linwood at London High Court using his role as Judge to help Wiggin, Fox Williams, and their insurance companies to attempt to get rid of BUMP’s indemnity claim by issuing a biased and racist ruling against a Black minority company. He purposely ignored the evidence BUMP put before him and he lied and falsely stated in his oral judgement of 23 February 2024 that no evidence of perjury by Wiggin's witness was put before him, a judgement which was heavily geared towards defending and protecting law firms Wiggin LLP and Fox Williams LLP against BUMP's compelling evidence. 

"Copyright" was never in question and was never a prerequisite for royalty payment in 2006 when Friday TV signed an agreement with BUMP and agreed to pay BUMP 35% of sales worldwide for BUMP's "Celebrity Birthday" format.

"Copyright" was never in question and was never a prerequisite for royalty payment in 2008 when Friday TV paid millions of Swedish krona to Swedish "Carolina af Ugglas" on the basis of an oral idea of the choir competition TV show "Clash of the Choirs".
"Copyright" was never in question and was never a prerequisite for royalty payment in 2011 when Friday TV and Metronome's Legal Counsel created agreements between Friday TV and BUMP with regard to "Minute To Win It", which Friday TV and NBCUniversal sold to more than fifty countries.
"Copyright" must not be in question and must not be used as false pretext to commit financial fraud and racial discrimination against a Black minority company.