When SOLANGE's car breaks down after attending a "Team-Building" course, she is offered a ride home by LADESH, a charming forty year old work colleague who is driving in the same direction. While on the road sitting next to each other they talk about work, personal interests and aspirations, marriage and children, until after a brief moment the collegial conversation takes a turn to an insignificant flirt. "One day you're going to BangLadesh!", Solange smiles to herself as she remembers what one of her friends, MILLY MO, said to her the first time she told them about this handsome new work colleague called Ladesh, whom she is now sitting next to and driving with. For a second she feels the forbidden extra marital affair temptation creeps in, "EMA Temptation", as her and her friends jokingly call it. Ladesh takes an exit and makes a brief stop in a remote area somewhere at the foot of a hill away from everything else. The privacy and idyllic nature in the area made room for an intimate moment, a perfect romantic setting. And before they even thought of it they put their lips together and kiss. A kiss cut short, as they both pull away right after and felt a bit embarrassed. Heavy rain starts pouring down. They kiss again, a few seconds longer this time as if waiting to feel more raindrops before they decide to run back into the car. A thick wall of dirt, a heavy pile of mud, breaks off the hill in front of them and starts tumbling down towards their car. They hurry inside and start the engine and spin the wheels in reverse to get away, but they hit a tree behind them and the car stops and couldn't continue its course backward. Ladesh quickly shifts gear and steps forcibly on the gas pedal again to drive forward, but it is in vain, the car is stuck.
"Drive, you son of a bitch, drive!" a voice yells from the back seat all of a sudden. Solange and Ladesh startle as they look back. "Step on that shit and let's get fuck outta here, you wanna get us all killed?!" The owner of the voice from the back seat is a man in late forties holding a long knife in one hand and has handcuffs on both his wrists. They hear a loud sound when a heavy giant rock falls down from the hilltop and lands on the rooftop, pressing the car into the ground on the impact, the sound is followed by a massive blanket of mud that all of a sudden engulfs  the entire car. Ladesh spins the wheels more aggressively this time in another attempt to escape, but the car is completely stuck. They realise they are trapped beneath the ground, buried in a mudslide. Forcing the engine and persistently spinning the wheels seems to make matters worse. There is growing panic inside the car. Solange starts to feel regret, and somewhere sorry for herself. But anger and guilt are what she feels the most. Because her car didn't actually break down. She's had a thing for Ladesh ever since the first day she saw him at work, and after the team-building course was over she saw a window of opportunity and improvised a quick plan, she opened the hood of her aging car and tempered with the engine so it wouldn't start. She is now angry for betraying her marriage, "because of such an awful, stupid, terrible EMA Temptation!" she says to herself, screaming inside her head. "She shouldn't have accepted Ladesh's offer to drive her home. Now she is going to die in a mudslide because of this awful thing, EMA Temptation! Totally stupid of me". These are all her thoughts racing through her mind. But her train of thoughts is cut short when she looks again at the man behind them in the back seat with a knife in one hand and handcuffs on both wrists. "Who are you?", she dares asking the dangerous man, looking him straight into the eyes; Ladesh yells her next line of questions, "And what are you doing in here? How did you get in here? Where did you come from?"
When Solange and Ladesh had stepped outside the car and started kissing they had left the car door open, the dangerous man then sneaked inside without them having noticed. Initially the man's intention was to steal whatever valuable things he thought he would find inside the car, but as rain started pouring down he sought shelter and stayed in, and Solange and Ladesh came running in afterwards and didn't notice that the man was already inside hiding in the back seat. He has escaped from prison and is now a fugitive hiding from the authorities.
The giant piece of rock that fell on top of the car further and further presses the roof above their heads, and slowly and gradually it reduces their space inside the car. Solange, Ladesh, and the fugitive convict now have less and less room. Ladesh makes another attempt to force the car out of the mud but the engine finally gives in and completely shuts down. All the lights are out, it is now pitch dark inside the vehicle. The feeling of being totally cut out from the outside world creeps in and becomes real. Kicking the door open or breaking a window or the windshield is impossible because of the heavy mud that has engulfed the car, and it would put their lives in even more danger if they were able to smash the windshield, the heavy mass of mud would come gushing into the car and suffocate all three of them to death. But the longer they remain in confinement under the mud the more they run the risk of asphyxiation, and soon or later they could run out of oxygen and die.

No one out there knows they are there, they have no cell phone signal to call a friend or to make an emergency call. The dangerous convict has now taken control and is becoming unpredictable minute by minute.


Created and written by Derek Banner.

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