One of the things that make a TV show appealing and entertaining is often when viewers can relate to faces that they can recognise from the general society or, even more importantly, from their own local community.
Such as this BUMP Entertainment TV show format, a simple yet well defined plot with a High Entertainment Value and great potential for Global Adaptation and Local Versioning.


You recognize your doctor on TV with a guitar, jamming with other fellow doctors. Your local electrician on drums, jamming with fellow electricians. Lawyers, nurses, teachers, mechanics, bankers, policemen, politicians, … all with one thing in common, their passion for music and they can sing and play an instrument. They form bands, and assisted and guided by renowned celebrity artists they practice each week and compete on stage in front of a live studio audience on national television. One band is eliminated each week and sent home by a judge panel and by viewers. 

Who will be your favourite PROFESSIONALS? 

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