Menopause is a natural biological process women go through from age fifty on average and some even in their early forties. And most women experience a loss of sexual desire during that period, the dry spell, or sex drought, which can last from six months to years for some couples. 

It can be frustrating and emotionally devastating for many couples, especially for men who still have a high sex drive or sexual appetite. 

Most men would say, “My wife is the one having menopause, but “Me No Pause”, drought or no drought”. 

We have asked ordinary and celebrity men how they coped with sex drought in their marriage or long relationship after their partner went into menopause. 

Did they take matters into their own hand to satisfy their prevailing desire? 

Did they secretly find a new sex partner, with or without their partner’s consent? 

Did they just wait it out until the drought season was over?

And what do the women themselves think about the way they “survived” the drought period with their partner, how their partner dealt with their menopause, or was their partner affected at all in any way by their menopause?

One black man in a thirty year long marriage expressed that the drought season after his wife went into menopause was so unbearable that he said to himself: “Menopause ain’t for brothers!”

Does race, culture, income, or education have an effect on how men deal with sex drought in their relationship and how they deal with their partner’s menopause? 

Did nature prepare men for women’s menopause?

We also hear from experts.