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LANGUAGE SCHOOL™ - Dating format. Factual Entertainment.
How fast can you learn a new language to be with the one you love?
Love Language.

Pitched to Friday TV AB in 2006, Metronome / Endemol Shine Group / Banijay



SIX MEN ONE WOMAN - Who will win the key to her House?™
Based on our original Dating Format MI CASA ES SU CASA - "My Home is your Home"


ROAD TRIP DATING™ - SIX MEN ONE WOMAN ™ Who will be Dropped Off?

a BUMP Family Format
Entertainment TV Show best enjoyed when watched together with entire family

TWELVE FAMILIES, including Grandpa, Grandma, one Crazy Uncle, a Crazy Aunt, Funny Cousin, and why not One Nice Neighbor, Create and Write Each a Family Sitcom, With Help from Professional Celebrity Comedians. They Rehearse, Filmed by Multiple Cameras, and Each Week they Perform on Stage in Front of a Live Studio Audience. A Panel of Three Four Judges Assess Each Family’s Performance, One Family is Eliminated each Week and Sent Home. Viewers Decide Who Is the Country’s Funniest Family. 


Large scale international format. Fictiality, mixing Sport, Trade, Diplomacy with Reality TV.

Three Groups of Men and Women from Three Different Cities, Countries, Regions, Live Side By Side as Three Different Nations. One is Poor, The Second is Rich, The Third is a Developing Nation. They Establish Diplomatic Relations, Trade Jobs, Money, Food, Clothes, Electricity. They Declare War, Conquer, and Turn the Other into a Colony.  

Colonies™ is one of BUMP's TV show formats created in 2003, the same year as it created the first draft of the gameshow Minute Winner - Minute To Win It. Pushing boundaries, testing creative ideas. 


One of the things that make a TV show appealing and entertaining is often when viewers can relate to faces that they can recognise from the general public, or even more importantly from their own local community. Such as this BUMP Entertainment TV show format, a simple yet well defined plot with a High Entertainment Value and great potential for Global Adaptation and Local Versioning.

Imagine your personal doctor with a guitar, jamming with other fellow doctors. Your local electrician on drums, jamming with fellow electricians. Nurses, teachers, mechanics, bankers, policemen, politicians, … all with one common passion for music and can sing and play an instrument. They form bands, they practice each week in collaboration with selected celebrity artists, they compete on stage in front of a live studio audience on national television. One group is eliminated each week and sent home by a judge panel and viewers.
Who will be your favorite PROFESSIONALS? PROS!
#doctorsband #nursesband #mechanicsband #bankersband #policemenband #politiciansband #professionals #music #teachers #pros #entertainment #television #tv#bumpformat


MINUTE TO WIN IT - You got one minute to win it!
Original BUMP gameshow format created since 2003
Developed by Endemol Shine and Banijay's Swedish format company Friday TV, aired first time on NBC in 2010, adapted in 70 territories.


Original BUMP Financial Makeover format created since 2005
Adapted since 2006 by Endemol Shine and Banijay companies Friday TV, Metronome, Rubicon TV, Meter Film, and Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) and TV3 Channels in Sweden, Denmark, Norway.


   BUMP was created since 2002 by Intellectual Property creator and film and digital entrepreneur Derek Banner. We are visionary, innovative, groundbreaking. Creating new shows for the global market is our greatest passion and we love and have fun doing it. 






A 2005 short film written, produced, directed by Derek Banner





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