- You are standing terrified eyeballing the flickering TV screen on the wall which has just lost its signal. A couple of dead bodies are on the floor next to your feet, but you haven't noticed. The signal is back on. The TV anchor reemerges from beneath the pile of debris inside the destroyed studio set. He crawls his way back onto his chair, his face covered in dust mixed with blood. He readjusts his attire in an effort to reappear professional, and with a saddened and almost mumbling voice he says: "Whoever and wherever you are, if you can still see me, if you still can hear me, our world as we've known it just a few minutes ago ... is no more. You must be the last living person. You are the first generation of the next round of humanity. Take care out there. ... God bless, and good luck." He lowers his head and rests his chest onto his desk, his eyes wide open staring blank in the air, lifeless. The TV screen flickers, as if it, too, takes its last breath before it loses signal for the final time. You look across the half demolished room. All standing silent. The first generation of the next round of humanity on planet Earth. You are six women and four men. -

 AFTER NUCLEAR CALAMITY™ TV series. ©2019, BUMP All Rights Reserved.