A witness commits suicide after Endemol Shine / Banijay's English law firm Wiggin LLP advises him to issue a false statement to the court to support a strike out and summary judgement application in NBC's "Minute To Win It" infringement case in London High court. "Copyright" was used as false pretext to commit serious financial fraud and racial discrimination against the successful gameshow's Black creator and his company. 

During a UK High Court hearing of 16 February 2024 BUMP's founder Derek Banner showed the judge and Defendants Wiggin LLP and Fox Williams' lawyers a video evidence that demonstrated how legal counsel of Banijay's Swedish format company Friday TV created agreements with BUMP in 2011 to resolve the "Minute To Win It" dispute out of court, and Banner pleaded that Friday TV's lawyers concealed those created agreements and instead advised Friday TV's co-founder Jock Millgårdh to issue a false witness statement to the court to support Wiggin LLP's strike out and summary judgement application. Millgårdh later committed suicide after the court issued summary judgement against BUMP on 19 October 2017. 
Banner also pleaded the fact that Friday TV and Millgardh never were in possession of any original draft document or synopsis with the title "Minute To Win It" or "one minute games" to prove to the court that Millgårdh and Friday TV created the gameshow "Minute To Win It", which Millgårdh pitched and sold to NBCUniversal in 2009. "Such a document does not exist and has never existed", Banner pleaded. NBC, Friday TV, and Endemol Shine which became Banijay after acquisition by the French media company, sold and distributed "Minute To Win It" to over fifty countries, with hundreds of millions in profit and unjust enrichment. 
Banner also pleaded that he submitted to Friday TV and Millgårdh the formats "Minute Winner - You got one minute to win it" in 2005 and then additional fourteen pages document entitled "Read Your Fortune" in 2007 which was a spinoff or derivative version of "Minute Winner". A total of eighteen pages with key details and information for the gameshow format. Millgårdh and Friday TV used both documents which they further developed into "Minute To Win It" and sold to NBC in 2009.

Banner also pleaded that BUMP's solicitors Fox Williams, which he retained to pursue the case against Friday TV and others in 2016, successfully obtained funding for the case from the litigation funding firm Augusta Ventures in London on the basis of all the same documents he pitched and submitted to Millgårdh and Friday TV, which shows that the case had merits, and therefore nothing prevented Fox Williams from also submitting and disclosing all of the same documents to the court when Fox Williams pleaded BUMP's case. But Fox Williams however disclosed and relied upon only one four page draft document, "Minute Winner", when it pleaded BUMP's entire case before the court, and removed a number of key documents from the case without Banner's consent.
Banner also showed to the judge evidence of an email of 9 November 2016 in which Fox Williams informed that the judge was requiring more evidence during the strike out and summary judgement hearing, however Fox Williams failed to produce all of the documents in order to fully plead BUMP's case and to resist Wiggin's strike out application. BUMP is also therefore pursuing a professional negligence case against Fox Williams.
Banner also pleaded and showed to the judge evidence that Millgårdh and Friday TV paid millions in royalties to a Swedish choir leader, "Caroline af Ugglas", on the basis of an oral idea of the choir competition TV show "Clash of the choir" which Millgårdh also further developed and sold to NBCUniversal in 2008, and there was never any dispute of copyright between Friday TV and the Swedish Choir leader despite the fact that oral ideas are not protected by copyright, which is further proof that Wiggin and their clients' copyright dispute with regard to Banner and BUMP's written document "Minute Winner" was in bad faith, a false pretext to commit fraud for millions of dollars in royalties against a Black minority company, and racial discrimination.
Banner also showed to the court evidence that in 2006 BUMP translated its "Minute Winner" title in French as "Une Minute Pour Gagner", and Millgårdh and NBC's "Minute To Win It" was broadcast in Canada under the exact same title in French "Une Minute Pour Gagner" by TV channel TVA. "This is a direct proof that "Minute Winner" and "Minute To Win It" are based on the same game show concept BUMP pitched and submitted to Friday TV and Millgardh", Banner pleaded. 
Banner also pleaded that in a letter of 7 February 2019, two years after the summary judgement of 19 October 2017 in favour of her clients, Caroline Kean, who is partner and co-founder of law firm and Defendant Wiggin LLP, made new revelations to Banner that legal counsel of her client Friday TV downloaded in 2011 files from BUMP's website which "Legal counsel secured for use in evidence". And Kean also alleged that she and Wiggin put those downloaded documents in evidence in court proceedings against their clients in 2016, however she and Wiggin have been unable to provide any evidence to support her statement despite Banner's repeated requests. Banner discovered in 2011 evidence of Internet links, URLs, from a server used by Legal counsel of Friday TV which showed that Legal counsel instead used the dowloaded documents from BUMP's website as "agreement documents" in the agreements that Legal Counsel created between Friday TV and BUMP in 2011 to resolved the "Minute To Win It" matter out of court. Banner therefore requested that the court must order Wiggin and Kean to provide those documents.
file:///w://Metronome / Contract / Contract Documents / Friday TV Ab/ MINUTE WINNER - You got one minute to win it
file:///w://Metronome / Contract / Contract Documents / BUMP / MINUTE WINNER - MINUTE TO WIN IT - You got one minute to win it
Banner also pleaded that the documents Legal counsel of Friday TV downloaded from BUMP's website were called "MINUTE WINNER - You got one minute to win it" and "MINUTE WINNER - MINUTE TO WIN IT - You got one minute to win it", and the above Links Banner discovered from Legal counsel's server called "Mutter Media" clearly show the two documents used as "Contract Documents". 
Banner also pleaded that since there is new evidence of fraud in the case, Wiggin and Fox Williams' argument that BUMP's case is time-barred by limitation is irrelevant. 
Banner is seeking damages against BUMP's former solicitors Fox Williams for professional negligence, breach of duty of care, breach of contract, and against Wiggin LLP for false disclosure statements under English law CPR Part 31.23, fraud and deceit. 
This is a case of serious financial fraud, and Wiggin LLP and their clients knew that Friday TV and Millgårrdh never were in possession of any original "Minute To Win It" document to prove they created "Minute To Win It".

"Copyright" was never in question in 2006 or a prerequisite for royalty payment when Friday TV and Millgårdh signed an agreement with Banner and agreed to pay his company BUMP 35% of sales worldwide for Banner's TV format, "Celebrity Birthday", which Banner also pitched and submitted to Millgårdh in 2005 along with the "Minute Winner" format.

"Copyright" was never in question in 2008 or a prerequisite for royalty payment when Friday TV paid millions of Swedish krona to Swedish choir leader Carolina af Ugglas on the basis of an oral idea of "Clash of the Choirs" when there is no copyright protection in an oral idea.
"Copyright" was never in question in 2011 or a prerequisite for royalty payment when Legal counsel of Friday TV and Millgårdh created agreements between Friday TV and BUMP with regard to "Minute Winner" and "Minute To Win It".
"Copyright" must not be in question here or be used as false pretext to commit financial fraud and racial discrimination against a Black minority company.










Also evidence of false statement and perjury by Caroline Kean of Wiggin LLP was put before deputy Master Linwood in Exhibit DB in connection with discovered evidence of concealed contract / agreement files established between Wiggin's client Friday TV and BUMP. And also in this regard Deputy Master Linwood falsely stated at Paragraph 85 of his court's decision of 23 February 2024 that no evidence of Caroline Kean's perjury was put before him. 

file:/// w:// Metronome / Contract / Contract Documents / Friday TV / MINUTE WINNER - You got one minute to win it …

file:/// w:// Metronome / Contract / Contract Documents / BUMP / MINUTE WINNER - You got one minute to win it …


Caroline Kean categorically denied that contracts were ever created and she stated the following on page 11 of her witness statement of 30 November 2023 which she submitted to the court in support of Wiggin’s strike out application: “No contract did exist, (for those were my instructions)”. But she knew that her statement, “for those were my instructions”, was FALSE and was PERJURY, because she was fully aware, prior to making her statement, that her law firm Wiggin LLP was not instructed in the case at the time when those contracts were created in 2011 between “Friday TV” and “BUMP”, and she does herself confirm this on page 5 paragraph 18 of her witness statement: “Wiggin was first instructed in connection with the proceedings in 2016”. Thus the concealed contracts were created five years before she and her law firm Wiggin LLP were retained and instructed to act for Friday TV. 

Wiggin's Witness Jock Millgårdh died by suicide in early January 2019.
His reputation and his career were put in jeopardy after his perjury in Swedish and English courts.