After concealing in 2011 contract documents between Friday TV and BUMP with regard to "Minute To Win It", and unlawfully registering BUMP's "Minute To Win It" and "Luxury Trap" trademarks in Friday TV's and Metronome's companies names, Swedish lawyers of Friday TV and Metronome Caroline von Heidenstam and Lena Frånstedt Lofalk at law firm Kanter, formerly known as Foretagsjuridik Nord Och Co, issued a direct threat to BUMP's black founder and Director in a letter of 19 September 2011 and wrote: "Your activities will be monitored closely". 
BUMP provided to the High Court in London and to Judge Deputy Master Linwood supporting photo images of Metronome and Friday TV's lawyers' abusive surveillance against BUMP's founder and his family. 

The lawyers' threat of surveillance was to intimidate, bully, and attempt to cover up serious financial fraud against BUMP, a Black minority company, for millions of dollars in unpaid royalties and license fees for Friday TV, Metronome, and their associates' exploitation of BUMP's Minute To Win It and Luxury Trap.