Intercultural dating shows always have great traction with viewers. BUMP created since 2006 Love & Green Card, a reality TV show experiment following people in intercultural love, incorporating local language learning. 

The initial Synopsis went as follows: 

Two months ago John encountered the love of his life. But it is doomed love, he believes, for he lives and works in Nebraska while Taika, the woman he met when vacationing in Bangkok, lives in Thailand and speaks absolutely no word of English. The probability of starting a future together in Nebraska would most certainly be complicated by strict US immigration laws. 

Nonetheless, John is a person who likes to confront challenges, and true love only happens once in a person's life, he says. So he contacts “LOVE & GREEN CARD” for help. But help does not come without a catch, which is the PLOT in this new Reality TV series.

In this particular episode John is sent back to Thailand for one and a half month, and during that time HE MUST LEARN TO SPEAK FLUENTLY THE LOCAL LANGUAGE, THAI. THE FIRST WEEK John is ASSISTED BY A LOCAL LANGUAGE TEACHER, an expert in teaching Thai to expats in Thailand, and John must learn the basics of the Thai language during that first week, phonetics, pronunciation, alphabet, etc. After the first week is gone John is then left on his own and HE MUST SPEAK THAI ONLY AT ALL TIME during the rest of the experiment. He is GIVEN ASSIGNMENTS AND PUT THROUGH VARIOUS TASKS during which he is forced to use the language. He is NOT ALLOWED to see, speak to, or meet with his love, Taika, at any time during the entire experiment in Thailand. Meanwhile, without John's knowing, the production has established contact with Taika, and with the help of a translator Taika speaks of her love and encounter with John, her life in Thailand, her future aspirations, etc.

After one month and a half the production arranges a MEETING between John and Taika over a romantic dinner, and for the first time John gets the chance to express his love in words that Taika would understand.

A LAWYER expert in immigration assists with obtaining visa / green card application should John and Taika decide to build a future together in Nebraska. Taika is offered FREE ENGLISH CLASSES at a language school. Will they stay together? What will their life in Nebraska be like?

The production pays visit to John at his home in Nebraska to FOLLOW UP AND GET AN UPDATE on John's relationship with Taika. 

No matter the outcome, whether or not they remain together, John has at least learned to speak a new language in his life!